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Tatiana is a portrait and wedding photographer, based in Southern California. Born in Moldova (Eastern Europe), she found her way to San Diego, CA in 2003, in pursuit of her dreams and love.

Editorial Edge & Storytelling

Drawing inspiration from the world of fashion and editorial photography, she brings a fresh and contemporary perspective to her photographs. Her keen eye for details, composition, lighting, and aesthetics adds a dynamic flair to her work, infused with passion and soul.

Tatiana is about bringing to life the authentic connections between people, allowing their true inner souls to shine and allowing their stories to unfold organically, while striving to capture not only what is seen, but mostly what is felt.

Whether she's photographing a wedding, a portrait session, or an editorial shoot, Tatiana's signature style shines through in every image. Her photographs exude a sense of energy and vitality, thanks to her ability to seamlessly blend editorial flair with genuine emotion.

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